Computer AMC Services in Delhi Noida Gurugram NCR

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Computer AMC Services in Delhi Noida & Gurugram

Why hassle with taking the computer system to a repair shop every time when it has the problem? We provide convenient and reliable onsite Computer AMC services in Delhi Noida & Gurugram and network support for all sized business. Our unique computer AMC services can be customized to suit your IT requirements offering specialist support where and when it’s needed, allowing you to best deploy your internal resources where they are most effective.

PCHELPDESK provides Onsite Computer AMC Services in Delhi NCR which are the best practice and most effective way to keep your IT Infrastructure up and running to give you the best productivity of your resources.  Our Onsite Computer AMC Services takes care of the big network problems as well as the small problems, so that you can use the computer infrastructure to get full performance and productivity.

Computer AMC Services to Reduce Cost to manage IT Infrastructurecomputer amc noida cost

We provide Computer AMC Services across NCR for small and medium business which can be customized as per your business/organization’s needs to help you achieve increased productivity with reduced costs and minimum risks that result in great end user experience. No longer do Business owners have to worry about the unexpected repair cost for their desktops and laptops; also you can save thousands rupees monthly over the cost of an in-house IT staff or usual on-demand third party IT support. The computer AMC services are delivered in Delhi Noida Gurugram through PCHELPDESK with Single Windows for reporting the problem. We have been providing high quality Computer AMC Services for quite a long time based on Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Desktop, Laptops Repair & Maintenance Services

computer amc services noida delhi gurgaonDoes your computer crash, do errors messages appear or does your computer simply lock up and ceases to respond? This can happen at any time and may ultimately cost you to loose important data. Being Best Computer AMC Services provider company we provide following day to day maintenance services:

  • Computer Hardware Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Windows Operating System Installation & Troubleshooting
  • Linux Operating System Installation & Support
  • Office Suit and other Software installation
  • Performance tuning of computer
  • Printer Driver Installation & Network Sharing & Troubleshooting
  • Installation of Email client software, backup and support

Computer AMC Services- Local Networking Supportcomputer_network

Computer networks enable users to share resources and communicate with each other. If you have multiple computer systems, we can setup a network at your office. You will then have the convenience of being able to share resources and information securely within your own network. Being Best Computer AMC Services provider company we include networking support including LAN & wireless networking which allow you to use your laptop or tablet without leaving your cabin or seat, share a single Internet connection, share printers and store the information on centrally located shared drives.

Our network support services include:

  • Configuring and connecting your router and network switches
  • Connecting your local network to the Internet and also provide you a secure wireless network
  • Connecting your devices to your wireless network
  • Configure file sharing between your computers
  • Share an existing printer between your computer to reduce cost of buying extra printers
  • Setting up network using Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 2012 R2
  • Setup Active Directory (adding users, computers, password protection, permissions to access shared resources on the network etc.)
  • DHCP and DNS Configuration to dynamically assign the IP and fix the IPs
  • Sharing other network devices such as DVRs

Computer AMC Services for Server Maintenance

computer amc service serverIn our  Computer AMC Services agreement we include servers as well and  perform preventative maintenance to keep them up and running and monitor its performance, security and backup procedures.  Our System administrator checks log files, hard disk utilization, file permissions regularly to keep this operational.  The server environment needs to be monitored and also maintaining proper temperature plays vital role for the smooth operation of electronic equipment. Our system administrators have the expertise and experience to carry out all the steps required for server maintenance. We also ensure service pack and software updates are installed on all the systems available in the network which may have to be done when the server and the computers are not being used usually after business hours.

Computer AMC Services Internet Content filtering and websites Access Policycomputer amc gurgaon firewall

Being best Computer AMC Services Provider company, PCHELPESK generally recommend its customers to implementation the UTM devices or firewall in the network to protect it from the gateway level virus. Using this device multiple Internet Connections can be terminated in a single box and load balancing also happens between different ISP and provides fault tolerance. We create best internet access policy as per the requirement and different departments in the organization and unnecessary websites can be blocked for being accessed from the network.

computer_avComputer AMC Services- Antivirus Support and PC Tuner

Have you noticed your computer is running slower than it used to, or annoying pop-ups appear on your screen? Well then your PC has probably infected with some of the many thousands of virus’ or malware which are freely spreading online and can be easily downloaded to your computer despite of having the best of anti-virus software. PCHELPDESK technicians performs regular antivirus scanning at Computer AMC services Sites and do tuning of your computers and laptops to rescue your system from these annoying problems which at the very least slow down and in some cases are used maliciously to spy on you and your computer.

 Computer AMC Services – Data Backupcomputer amc services gurgaon backup

A thorough data backup plan is very important to prevent any system failure and loss of data. This plan will help a speedy recovery in case of any failure happens. Files, information and data can be lost from your computer in numerous ways. They can be accidentally deleted, a virus or other form of malware may “wipe-off” them from your computer or you hard drive may crash completely. It can happen at any time and when it does the damage can be substantial. Important files and data are usually gone forever product images, significant documents, accounting excel sheets, drawing files and more. PCHELPDESK provides periodical data backup service to Computer AMC services Customers to a secure and separate location generally an external hard disk or network attached storage. This simple process can save you a lot of trouble and monetary losses. It is your best technique to protect your data from Viruses, Malware or complete computer failure. By using the backup process, lost data can be recovered and restored to its original location and you’ll be up and running again.

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