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Managed IT Services

PCHELPDESK is here to provide you hassle free Managed IT Services, consulting & best IT Solution right when you need them. Whether you are a home user or a business person, we bring to you highly cost effective, Managed IT services to create an extraordinary experience for you. What’s more, if you are running a business minus IT department, call us now. We are there to play the role, effectively and efficiently remotely as well as having to physically present as per the requirement. Our unique Managed IT Services and computer maintenance services can be customized to suit your individual IT requirements offering specialist support where and when it’s needed, allowing you to best deploy your internal resources where they are most effective. We are located in Noida and giving services in South Delhi and Gurugram.

Our Managed IT Services or Facilities Management Services aim at helping businesses  in managing their IT Infrasturcture and controlling costs by reducing total cost of ownership and standardizing support processes to allowing them to concentratre on their business. These services are designed to cater our customers as per the requirements of organizations for efficient monitoring and management of their infrastructure including operating systems, servers, networks, database, application, storage etc.

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[us_iconbox icon=”television” style=”outlined” color=”secondary” size=”large” title=”REMOTE COMPUTER SUPPORT” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fpchelpdesk.in%2Fonline-computer-repair-tech-support%2F||” external=””]Get your computer issues fixed online from anywhere. Our highly efficient technicians securely access your computer/IT Gadget and fix it online using specialized software without any wait. This services saves the time of customer and without any further delay customer starts getting the services.


[us_iconbox icon=”cogs” style=”outlined” size=”large” title=”PC Repair & AMC Service for HOME Users” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fpchelpdesk.in%2Fcomputer-repair-services-noida-delhi-gurgaon%2F|title:Computer%20Repair%20Services%20%26%20PC%20AMC%20for%20Home%20Computers|” external=””]We provide you round the year computer maintenance support through our Computer AMC packages. These packages are targeted towards both home and business users keeping in mind their convenience and affordability.


[us_iconbox icon=”database” style=”outlined” size=”large” title=”Computer AMC FOR BUSINESS/SMEs IT INFRA” link=”url:http%3A%2F%2Fpchelpdesk.in%2Fcomputer-amc-services-delhi-noida-gurugram-ncr%2F|title:onsite%20computer%20amc%20services|” external=””]We provide AMC Services for IT Infrastructure for business or enterprise which can be customized as per the business/organization’s needs to help you achieve increased productivity with reduced costs and minimum risks that result in great end user experience.

What our clients say

[us_testimonial author=”Manoj Jha” company=”Country Head”]Brilliant experience ! Thank yo so much! You’ve been most helpful, and I am very happy with the IT Services rendered by PCHELPDESK IT team ! Thank you again! (for sure, I’ll recommend you further)


[us_testimonial author=”Dinesh Jain ” company=”Director, Garments Export Company”]
PCHELPDESK have delivered on their promise to be our IT partners. It almost feels like we have our own IT department on site. They are the best IT Team I have worked with to date and they provide best IT Services in NCR Region.